26 November 2011

Leonardi from Cremone pendant reliquary

This was the very first reliquary I made and I still think that it is the one I like the most.
It was probably manufactered in Italy.
The inscription  +RELIQU / IA . SA[NCT]I . LE' / 'ONARDI . * / CREMONE*' ['Relic of St. Leonard from Cremona' Inscribed in Latin]

The relicts are stored in a drawer like construction. The inside part slided thou the ingraved one and it is secured by a rivet to keep the precious conted safe.

Copy of the reliquary pendant
Material: 925 silver
Dating: ca 1350



The riginal pendant from Victoria and Albert Museum in London - Avers
Material: silver, gold, enamel
Dimensions: 52 mm  x 10 mm x 6 mm
Dating: ca 1350

The original pendant from Victoria and Albert Museum in London - Revers



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