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                        Crowned "M" letter brooch


Letter M stands for Maria - the Mother of Christ.
The background of the letter is engraved with six four petal flowers and letters A and V - "AVE"

There is also an additional element, a small leave-shaped pendant suspended with a silver wire eye soldered at the back. In the centre of the pendent the is an eye soldered with a silver foil hanging ornament.

Material and technique:
Dimensions: 48mm (with pendants) x 22mm
Dating:     late 14th / 15th century

Price:        85 €

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Round  brooch

Ring brooch, engraved with floral motives and the inscription: 
'canc*d / epaer / tir' [sans departir] meaning " Without leaving " and it could mean both a loyalty pledge or a love declaration.
Materials and Techniques: Silver, engraved, gold plated
Dimensions:   diameter: 28mm Dating:     15th century

Price:      75

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Flower shaped double-side brooch


Brooch of sexfoil shape, the front is engraved with four-petalled flowers. At the back is an inscription in Latin in Lombardic letters  '+ AVE MARIA GRACIA PLENA DON [NOBIS PACEM]'   - "Holy Mary, full of grace, give [us peace]". Religious inscriptions like this one are very common on late medieval jewels as there were believed to have amuletic powers- giving protection to a wearer against evil and misfortune.

Materials and Techniques:     silver, engraved, gold plated
Dimensions:     diameter 29mm;  depth 3mm
Dating:    13th/ 14th century

Price:       90

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Heart shaped double- side brooch


Brooch  of heart-shaped form. The front faceted  and decorated with a feather pattern . The reverse in also engraved with bordered inscription in French 'NOSTRE ET TOUT DITZ A VOSTRE [D]ESEIR'  which stands for "Ours and always at your desire", each word separated by a small floral sprig.

Materials and Techniques:
silver, engraved, gold plated

Dimensions:    Height: 39 mm  Width: 33mm 
Dating:      15th century

Price:          95

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Silver cosmetic tool

The twisted handle with a small spoon at one end, joined to a small knife, which was used as a nail parer. This has a blunt upper edge, with slight serrations towards the top, possibly used as a nail file. The lower edge of the nail parer is sharp . The words IHS ( 
'Jesus' in Latin ) are inscribed on the knife blade.

During the 15th century hygiene was seen as benefiting from regular expulsion of the ‘poisons’ that were produced within it. As a result cleaning the ears was perceived as facilitating the ‘purging of the brain’, and the aristocracy had specific objects for cleaning the ears made of silver or gold and enamel, often hung on chains.

Materials and Techniques:   Silver, engraved
Dimensions:   77mm x 7mm x 3 mm

Dating:      14th /15th century

Price:        25
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Hooks-and-eyes from the Erfurt Treasure

Hooks and eye closures in a form of a leaves, with engraved lines and drilled holes used for sewing on to the textile. In the centre the is a small loop with a little metal heart-shape leave suspended.

Dating:     late 14th / 15th century 
Dimensions: 27mm (when closed) x 14mm

Price:       15 € for a pair

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Metropolitan gothic pendant

Reliquary pendant with an elaborate gothic architectural design on a front and a hunting scene with hounds chasing a rabbit on the back panel. The holly relicts would be safely kept inside and always stay visible thru two small windows. It is possible to open the pendant - the panel slides down to show the precious content

Dating:     late 14th /15th century

Dimensions:     56mm (with suspension ring) x 27mm x 8mm

Price:      499

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Pendant Altar of Saint George


Triptych altarpiecewith integral hinges of rectangular form with pointed arch at top, with a suspension ring, closed by a hasp attached to the left wing. 

The central plaque engraved with a diaper pattern with a relief figure showing the St George fighting with the Dragon. The knight is fully armed, the shield and armour engraved with the cross of St George. 
The interior of the left wing engraved with a king and queen seated on top of a castellated tower and the doorway with a porter.
The interior of the right wing engraved with a kneeling princess with a leaf above. 
The exterior of both wings engraved with architectural motifs of columns and tracery windows on a hatched ground, the exterior of the central plaque engraved with a masonry motif.

Materials and Techniques:
      Silver, engraved, gold plated

Dimensions:       60mm  x 45mm  x  13mm (closed)
                            60mm  x 67mm  x  13mm  (open)

Dating:          late 14th / early 15th century

Price:        price on demand

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Round reliquary pendant


Circular silver-gilt pendant reliquary. The central roundel engraved on one side with the inscription  IHC; (Jesus in Latin) the reverse engraved with the Marian monogram A/M "Ave Maria", each against a cross-hatched ground.
It is hollow inside - after the holy relicts would be put  inside, the top piece - lid will be sealed by hammering the rim of the bottom part.

Materials and Techniques: Silver, engraved, gold plated
Dimensions: Diameter: 19mm, Height (with loop):23mm
Dating:    late 14th/ 15th century

Price:       200

PLEASE NOTE  this is a unique piece and it is only one available.

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