3 February 2012

Metropolitan gothic pendant- finished

The next piece of jewellery done! And it is a reliquary again.
It has an elaborate gothic architectural design on a front and a hunting scene with hounds chasing a rabbit on the back panel. The holly relicts would be safely kept inside and always stay visible thru two small windows. It is possible to open the pendant - the panel slides down to show the precious content.

The front panel of the reliquary pendant copy from the Metropolitan Museum.
Material: silver, gold plated
Dimensions: 57mm x 27mm x 7mm
Dating: late 14th century.

The back panel with a hunting scene.

The front panel slides down to reveal the relicts stored inside.


For the comparison - the photo of the original pendant.

The original pendant from the Metropolitan Museum in New York
Material: silver, gold gilt
Dimensions: 57mm x 25mm x 7mm
Dating: late 14th century

The previous post about the making of this reliquary can be found here.

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