18 September 2012

Visit in my new workshop

Today let me take you for a walk around my new workplace. We are in the year 1402 in the town Sundkøbing. It is a trade town by the baltic sea, with a harbour, over 10 houses and a tournament field.
My house is the first one when you entering the gate, just next to the market place, and vis-à-vis blacksmith (just if need some custom tools).

Next to the house I got a big garden with vegetables, herbs and fruit trees.

My workshop is in the front room with a window coming to the main street. There you can find a small bench, anvils, hammers, tongs and cutters, punches, chemicals, metals, showcases and all the items I need to have in reach while working.

All the rest of materials I keep in the storage room. There you can find charcoal, clay, resin, wax, stone, pitch, and items I want to keep safe and locked when I am not around.

 In the backroom. There is a fireplace, table with benches. shelves with all kind of ceramics and cooking equipment. With  the ladder standind by the wall, you can climb up to the sleeping place under the rooftop. The back doors are leading to the garden.

It is not a big house, but it got everything that is needed: a working bench with some light, the fireplace. I am successively filling it up with new tools and materials to beable to make more different metalwork in the way a 15th century goldsmith would.
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